GMC (THUMBAY) Hospital conducts the first Coronary Angioplasty in Ajman

The GMC (THUMBAY) Hospital Ajman, the 1st JCI Accredited Hospital in Ajman, has successfully performed an angioplasty procedure. The procedure was the first-ever interventional procedure to be performed at its state-of-the-art first Cath Lab Center in Ajman.

The Angiogram & angioplasty was carried out for a 54 year-old male. The patient suffered from severe ongoing chest pain for which immediate intervention was planned. He had a right and left coronary angiography with stents implantation (using drug eluting stents) carried out at GMC Hospital. The chest pain resolved completely after the angioplasty and the patient was discharged home after 24 hours from the intervention, feeling healthy.

The angioplasty procedure was carried out by the expert cardiac team at GMC Hospital headed by Dr. Mahmoud Farouk.


Commenting on the breakthrough procedure, Dr. Mahmoud Farouk said, “We are very proud to have successfully performed this in Ajman. A timely intervention is essential in preventing major complications or fatalities.”

Coronary angioplasty is a therapeutic procedure used in the treatment of narrowed coronary arteries of the heart which is the most common cause for heart attacks. This narrowing occurs due to the buildup of cholesterol-laden plaques that form along the arterial walls. Angioplasty has to be conducted in a Cath Lab by an interventional cardiologist.

The Cardiology Department of GMC (THUMBAY) Hospital Ajman specializes in all kind of cardiology services including Interventional cardiology; GMC Hospital has the First fully equipped Catheterization Lab (Cath lab) in Ajman


GMC (THUMBAY) Hospital Ajman has highly qualified cardiologists with extensive experience in endovascular interventions. Besides performing the regular interventional procedures, which include balloon dilatation and stenting for Coronary Artery Disease, and with the effort of a fully dedicated unit of highly specialized Cardiologists, a team of junior doctors, nurses, and technicians trained to the highest standard in cardiac care, the specialists diagnose and manage full range of heart conditions. The cath lab is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and complete range of services – from cardiac investigations to interventional cardiology procedures in ultramodern cath Lab.

Common procedures that can be performed include; diagnostic coronary artery angiography with either femoral or radial approach, balloon dilatation, coronary artery stenting, renal artery stenting, and permanent pacemakers and defibrillators implantation.

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