Thumbay Pharmacy-Mission & ObjectivesThe Department of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy has various activity departments & divisions viz: Pharmacy Store, OPD Pharmacy (Hospital Pharmacy), Retail Pharmacy (outside pharmacy), Clinical Pharmacy, Regulatory Affairs, Administration and Accounts.

Hospital and Retail Pharmacy: This department is the face of patient services and involves direct interaction with the patients. Dispensing with smile and confidence, the right medication at the right time is the motto. Counseling patients about the dosage, storage, route and method of administration while dispensing are the guidelines.

Thumbay University Hospital: Thumbay University Hospital is the largest private academic hospital in the Middle East region, with 350 beds. It is a state-of-the-art family healthcare destination having a dedicated 100-bed long term care and rehabilitation unit, Centre for Oncology equipped with PET-CT scan, 10 modern surgical suites for all major specialties, Center for Imaging, Cath Lab, ICU/CCU/NICU/PICU, 10-bed dialysis unit, etc. [Visit Website]

Clinical Pharmacy: The department mainly handles all the queries regarding the medicines in a scientific way. Direct interaction with clinicians, nursing staff, fellow pharmacists and patients regarding every aspect of medication therapy viz. counseling, drug information, drug interactions, medication history, drug utilization, safety,  dosage calculations and review are the main functions.

Regulatory Affairs: The Pharmacy Services is governed by regulations of the Ministry of Health that governs the stocking, distribution and sale of pharmaceuticals. Accordingly, this department handles all statutory requirements and issues regarding Narcotics, controlled and semi – controlled medication stocking and sale. Managing the licensing of the premises and the pharmacists are also the major functions.