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About Thumbay Pharmacy

Thumbay Pharmacy – A trusted brand in retail pharmacy services.

Buoyant by the confidence and trust expressed by thousands of satisfied customers on the professional services rendered by our well informed and eager to serve pharmacists, the group is envisaging to operate a retail chain of pharmacies promoting the brand Thumbay Pharmacy all over the years shortly. 

We are eager to serve you as a one-stop solution for all your queries on medicines & allied products both in terms of availability and counseling.


In our quest to provide hassle free professional service to our customers and patients, the Department of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy is well equipped with service oriented, well-motivated, highly qualified licensed Pharmacists. The medicines are procured and stocked after a thorough review by the competent Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee of the Hospital and are stored as per international specifications.  The patients are allowed to freely interact with Pharmacists regarding the proper usage of medication viz. dose, route of administration, adverse effects, precautions and it is the prime duty of the dispensing pharmacist to counsel the patient or the care taker on all aspects of medication therapy.

Robotic Pharmacy

Thumbay University Hospital has a robotic pharmacy with automated robotic technology to prepare and dispense medicines. This smart pharmacy, part of the Thumbay Pharmacy network, ensures zero dispensing errors and achieves a considerable reduction in waiting times. Spread across a 4700 sq. ft. area, it is equipped with a robotic and pneumatic tube system and has been designed for high-density storage of up to 42,000 units and hassle-free retrieval of medications. It is equipped with medication safety bar-code scanning, ensuring that the medications and strengths are correct during both the carousel stocking and dispensing process.