Institutional Goals for the Hospital Pharmacy Service:

  • pharma7To provide the benefits of a qualified hospital pharmacist to patients and to the allied health professionals and institutions;
  • To assure a high quality of professional practice through the establishment and maintenance of standards of professional ethics, education and attainment and promotion of economic welfare;
  • To add value to individual patient care by ensuring safe, accurate, rational and cost-effective use of drugs;
  • To engage in collaborative and inter-disciplinary practice with other healthcare practitioners for the purpose of improving care and conserving resources;
  • To optimize the use of human resources through expanded roles for pharmacy trainees, increased utilization of automation and technology, and the development of the professional role of the pharmacist;
  • To promote research in hospital pharmacy & clinical pharmacy practices;
  • To disseminate pharmaceutical knowledge by providing exchange of information among hospital pharmacists and members of allied specialties and professions;
  • To optimize the impact of pharmacy student and resident training through development of an educational practice model which results in attainment of department, hospital, and professional goals.
  • To refine from time to time the purchase & inventory control system so as to standardize the availability of an adequate stock of medications at all times at a healthy profit.